Rather acts

Publicity still of Dan Rather during the filming of the pilot for Dirty Sexy MoneyDan Rather may return to network television this fall, not at his old stomping grounds at CBS, but at rival network ABC.

Mr. Rather recently filmed a cameo appearance in the television series pilot for ABC’s “Dirty Sexy Money.”

His scene takes place at an upscale New York charity event that was shot at the Frick Museum on Fifth Avenue. Mr. Rather, who worked from early evening to around midnight, said “It was fun.”

The former anchor of the “CBS Evening News with Dan Rather” and now anchor-global correspondent of “Dan Rather Reports” on HDNet was also consulted as an expert, and asked, among other things, how he would get a potential candidate for the Senate to divulge his plans to run for office.

If the the series is picked up, perhaps we will see Jennifer Lim, cast as the Reporter, using some of Mr. Rather’s legendary interview techniques.

“Dirty Sexy Money” stars “Six Feet Under” actor Peter Krause as Nick George, an idealistic young lawyer who inherits the Darlings, a wealthy, law-bending family, as clients from his late father.

The show also stars Donald Sutherland as the Darling family patriarch and Jill Clayburgh its matriarch.

Photo credit: AP
UPDATE May 16, 2007: “Dirty Sexy Money” has been picked up by ABC according to Associated Press Television writer David Bauder (Rather Makes His Acting Debut

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