Death of a Salesman

When I heard about the death of Jerry Falwell, I felt relief. Relief that his way of thinking will no longer be an influence in our society.

He was a leading salesman of the kind of thinking that was hurtful and dangerous not only to gays, women and Jews, but also to our society as a whole with his hatespeak.

However, the reputation Falwell assaulted that I found the most sickening and offensive was that of our glorious Creator. There are many, many examples, but two that stick in my mind are Falwell’s statements that G-d created Aids to punish homosexuals and that allowing homosexuality to become an accepted lifestyle removed this nation from G-d’s protection and enabled the events of 9/11.

G-d causes only Good. It is the evil thinking of humans that causes the death and destruction we perceive to see around us.

When it comes to Falwell’s version of G-d, all I can say is “no sale.”

Watch Christopher Hitchens’ interview with Anderson Cooper (link to HuffPost website’s ‘Eat the Press.’

What are you thinking?

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