How Dan Rather saved O.J.’s life


Before today, if you had asked me if there is anything that links O.J. Simpson to Dan Rather, only one would have come to mind — running through airports.

Rather from a photograph accompanying a People magazine article about his life as ace reporter for “60 Minutes,” and Simpson in his Hertz Rent-a-Car ad.

Now it seems there is another connection, related in a story entitled “Dan Rather Convinced O.J. Not to Commit Suicide,” posted on Fox News online, in the Entertainment section.

In “If I Did It,” a book in which O.J. Simpson specifically details how he killed his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman, Dan Rather unwittingly comes into play.

Simpson recounts in the book his famous slow-speed Bronco chase through the streets of Los Angeles. He says that, with gun in hand, he seriously considered committing suicide. He had a Magnum .357 with him in the Bronco, and while A.C. Cowlings was driving him around, Simpson thought he’d use it on himself.

What changed his mind? Listening to Dan Rather cover the Bronco chase on CBS Radio.

“And just then I heard Dan Rather’s voice on the radio: ‘We have now learned that the police have been to Mr. Simpson’s house six or seven times on domestic abuse calls.’ And I just g——-n snapped: ‘What the f—- motherf—-er!’”

At this point, Cowlings — who’d left the car to relieve himself, returned and saw the gun. Simpson remembers: “But I wasn’t listening to him. I was listening to more of Dan Rather’s bulls—-: ‘We’re now learning that Mr. Simpson has a long history with the Los Angeles Police Department,’ yada yada yada. And I’m shouting at the radio, ‘You ain’t learned s—-, motherf—-er!’ I almost put a bullet through the radio.”

“What the f—- is going on?!” A.C. said, also hollering. “Nothing!” I said. “Take me the f—- home! That changes everything. I’m not going to listen to any more of this bulls—-!’

“And A.C. got behind the wheel and pulled out, with me still fuming and venting. ‘Who the f—- do these people think they are?! They’re supposed to be reporters. They hear one lie and if it’s a lie they like they g——-n share it with the world. Well, I’m sick to death of it!’ I wasn’t thinking of killing myself anymore. Depression had given way to rage.”

How about that for yet another twisted tale involving the legendary reporter from Texas?

Sources: Fox News online

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