Happy birthday to me

Yellow Rose of Texas Art Print by Nelson BorenOn my 21st birthday, my dad sent me two dozen long-stemmed yellow roses.

The card said he chose the yellow rose of Texas because he felt it symbolized all he loved about the Lone Star state and me: unique, multi-faceted, independent, larger than life, and beautiful.

It got to be a tradition, and no matter where in the world I found myself — even Saudi Arabia — long-stemmed yellow roses showed up on September 20th. Just to let me know he was still watching me, wherever I was, he always included the words, “The eyes of Texas are upon you.”

My dad passed away some years ago, and the roses stopped.

September 20th has become not so much a day of celebration of when I was born, but of reflection on the wonderful person my dad was, of gratitude for the great man of integrity he was, the many invaluable life lessons he taught me, and of remembering the fun, laughter, conversation and camaraderie we had.

So happy birthday to me. I love and miss you Dad.

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