Rather Emmy sells on eBay

‘The Envelope’ contributor to the The Los Angeles Times, Tom O’Neil writes about an Emmy statuette — awarded to Dan Rather during his CBS tenure — that recently sold on eBay for $2,499.99 (plus $35 for shipping).

The eBay seller describes the award as from an estate. The statuette’s engraving (seen in an accompanying photo) says the Emmy is for Dan Rather, for “Coverage Of The Shooting of Governor Wallace” on the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite on May 15, 1972.

So how did a Rather Emmy end up on eBay? A spokesperson for HDNet, home of Dan Rather Reports, tells TVNewser, “While Mr. Rather can’t be sure what the situation is with this particular Emmy, he has indeed given some away over the years to staff members, cameramen, producers, etc., who were participants in the respective story or program, but who did not receive an actual statue…

“What he can say for certain is that he has never and will never sell an award — Emmy or otherwise.”

Dan Rather Emmy statuette View 1 (Click image to enlarge) Dan Rather Emmy statuette View 2 (Click image to englarge) Dan Rather Emmy statuette View 3 (Click image to enlarge)

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Source: LA Times, Mediabistro.com, photos from eBay auction page.

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