Sarah Palin is convicted

Sarah Palin portrait source unknownSarah Palin is a convicted woman. Not of any wrongdoing. Not yet anyway. Convicted in the sense that the woman knows who she is, what she believes in, and resolute in the fact that she knows what this country needs and how to accomplish it.

Love or hate her message, agree or disagree with her views or policies, have no faith or feel confident in her capabilities, there is no mistaking who totally believes in Sarah Palin, and that is Sarah Palin.

For anyone trying to figure out why Sarah Palin has grabbed hold of so many people, there is your answer.

Some say they love Palin because she is genuine. That genuineness is rooted in the fact that people believe what Sarah Palin says because she so clearly believes it herself. People get comfort from that. They know where she stands and therefore where they stand.

Others say it is because Sarah Palin is an emblem of what a woman can achieve. That may be true, but the conviction that has gotten her this far has nothing to do with gender.

President Bill Clinton has it too, the spirit of conviction. So does Sen. Hillary Clinton, and the reason she has “never say die” supporters that mystifies many. It is also the likely reason Palin identifies so strongly with Hillary and pays tribute to her, and not necessarily a cynical attempt to woo Hillary’s followers.

Listen to John McCain, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama or Joe Biden, and you will notice four distinct pitches.

John McCain markets his message with speeches about “five and a half years,” Barack Obama with words like “change” and “hope,” and Joe Biden with years of Congressional service and unrivaled knowledge of foreign affairs. But it is not a comfortable sell, because you can see you are being sold to. Sarah Palin is different. Sarah Palin sells Sarah Palin, with a palatable conviction that draws you in regardless of the message, if not to buy, at least to shop.

Sarah Palin has been discussed, dissected, examined, investigated, ridiculed, praised, adored, and villified, on a national stage in a way she has never had to endure.

Yet to the amazement of all, Palin remains unshaken and seemingly unstoppable. From the moment she entered the presidential race, Sarah Palin has taken over and overshadowed everyone else, simply through the power of her conviction, and with the help of her friends.

(c) Vivian Grant 2008. All rights reserved.

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