Supreme Court issues stay of execution for Troy Davis

Two hours before he was to be executed by lethal injection at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson, Troy Anthony Davis was given a stay of execution by the U. S. Supreme Court. Davis was scheduled to be put to death at 7 pm Tuesday, September 23, 2008, for the 1989 killing of Savannah Police Officer Mark Allen MacPhail.

Just a few hours earlier, although still hopeful, his mother and sister had given Davis what they thought were their final good-byes.

Relatives of MacPhail, two of whom were scheduled to witness Davis’ execution, were bitterly disappointed but said they would return when it is rescheduled.

If Davis is killed for this crime, whether he did it or not, the MacPhail family may find pleasure or a sense of justice in his death, but it will be fleeting. The hatred consuming them will eventually destroy them as well.

The Justices are set to meet next Monday to decide whether to hear Davis’ appeal of a ruling issued by the Georgia Supreme Court in March. In that 4-3 decision, the state Supreme Court rejected Davis’ bid for a new trial or a court hearing to present new evidence.

Seven of nine eyewitnesses to the shooting of MacPhail have recanted since Davis’ conviction, one of the two remaining widely believed to be the actual killer.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

2 thoughts on “Supreme Court issues stay of execution for Troy Davis

  1. We will let God sort it out. Know that his sister helped him get out of town the night Mark died. There was blood evidence, just no technology to test it in 1989 and after 18 yrs, it degraded. Here is person, not even a man…….that insisted on putting on the yellow shirt that Coles (the man he is claiming is the actual killer) wore. If Coles committed the murder, why would Troy need to put on “his” shirt? Why would any innocent person want to wear the clothes of someone that just killed a police officer? The facts are listed at
    This guy has cried, poopy defense attorney,racism,failure of due process, all of the witness testimony was false (in the beginning) now he is basing his entire defense on believing them now. I say PICK A DEFENSE. Recently his sister said in an interview there is a rush to execute him. Are you kidding me?..It has been 18 years, and he has pleaded a case before every single court available. We are not rushed, just tired of waiting and listening to all of his BS. They claim that one named Coles did it, Coles was not even at the party that Davis was at where he fired into the back of a vehicle hitting a passenger in that vehicle in the jaw with a bullet. The SAME casings with the SAME markings were at both locations. The party shooting AND MacPhail’s shooting. Coles was not even at the party. They have rallied every pro-lifer available in an effort to stir up the false information. I say let God sort it and whatever happens is meant to be. The real INNOCENT person here is the slain Officer Mark Allen MacPhail


  2. Mark MacPhail was my best friend I met him and his brother Bill when I was 15 they were very polite guys and treating everyone around them very friendly. They always hung around the house helping there mother and working out with weights and when it was time to drive Mark and Bill loved the sport cars 69mustang and BIG jeep. When Troy Davis went on that rampage that evening he took away mine and my husband Bill’s best freind. Mark has surely been missed.Mark and Bill were like twins 11mon apart you would always see them together. When we see Mark Jr. he brings back so many memories because he is just like his daddy.On behalf of the MacPhail family, we feel this case has turned into a racial issue. We only wont justice to be done for Mark and most of all his childen that never got to know the great person there daddy was.Our family feels a law should be passed in the state of Ga.and through out the united states for any one serving in the judicial system and there life is taken in the line of duty the criminal should recieve the death penalty. Mark was protecting his community helping one of Sahvanna’s citizens and died a very tragic way. Mark rest in peace we love you very much. Bill & Denna


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