A News Update with Dan Rather

Two rockin' boys.  President Bill Clinton (left) is interviewed by Dan Rather (right).  Image from Newsandguts.com.
Two rockin' boys. President Bill Clinton (left) is interviewed by Dan Rather (right). Image from Newsandguts.com.

Ariel Leve writes a longish column on Dan Rather, past and present, for the Times (the real Times — UK).

For those who have followed Dan Rather’s career over the years, nothing new is learned about the man behind the world’s most heroic reporter ever, and that’s all people really care about. Who really wants to hear any more about Rather’s unrivalled accomplishments? Yawn.

However, those looking for a thumbnail sketch of Rather’s career will find Leve’s article, “Dan Rather drops anchor,” well researched. It includes information like the color of his eyes and the fact that he wears bespoke suits lined in silk or something. The Times Online.

Insofar as whether or not Rather wears boxers or briefs, no one has ever been brave enough to ask him the ultimate interview question. By the way, it’s boxers.

Dan Rather has covered the presidential election with verve and a heavy dose of “Ratherisms” since the inauguration of George Washington. This is because, and we can reveal it exclusively here, Dan Rather invented the time machine. Rather will be in DC to call the shots as only he can for this year’s election. The live broadcast event, set in that waste of space Newseum filled with Brokaw moments and other dreck, kicks off at 7:00 pm ET on HDNet.

Somebody’s press release quotes the big man about the gig:

“I’m very excited about this live broadcast,” said Dan Rather, host and managing editor of the Emmy Award winning “Dan Rather Reports.” “This coverage will be different than what the mainstream media will be offering. We’ll go beyond the numbers and soundbites to discuss the projections for the
evening and what the results will mean.”

Oh, look. Rather will be joined by two boring as shite spinmeisters Donald Fowler, Jr. and Todd Harris. When is enough ever enough?

Ah, but a light glimmers.

The same press release tell us:

“Rather will also be joined by Nate Silver, political analyst and creator of the blog FiveThirtyEight.com. Silver has quickly become an essential voice in the political world, thanks to his new methods of evaluating polling data to predict the outcome of these crucial elections.”


Not born on the 4th of July, but rather on Halloween, the spooky old fellow known as Dan Rather will be a robust 77. Happy birthday to Dan from a fellow (sort of) Texan.

That’s it, the end.

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