My voice can’t be silenced, go Vegan

My voice cannot be silenced. Go Vegan.

Cross-posted from We Other Animals, by VINCENT J GUIHAN:

Veganism is not just about food animals and it never has been. I don’t know why some advocates keep repeating the argument (over and over and over) that veganism is just about food animals. I am not trying to offend anyone, but this reflects a serious misunderstanding of what veganism means.

But this argument also reflects a serious misunderstanding of how animals are used: in many cases, the same species is used for labor, for food, sometimes for entertainment, and so on. Geese are a good example. They’re used for food, for clothing and often for entertainment. The argument that we should just address “only food animals” with veganism is misguided. We should speak for all sentient species as much as we possibly can at every turn and veganism does that.

Veganism refers, and always has referred, to animals as a whole. Donald Watson and the Vegan Society didn’t sit down and write out a million-species long list of nonhumans to whose suffering and exploitation we shouldn’t contribute. All animals meant all animals. All animals means all animals today. Promoting veganism and abolition is the best way to speak for all kinds of animals at once, regardless of why they are used or whether they live and die in factory farms, family farms, in circuses, in laboratories, in the wild or other places. Single issues campaigns probably do a great deal of harm to animals by confusing the public about veganism and what we owe others (and to which other animals we owe something, and so on).

If we take all animals seriously (we all should), then abolition, veganism and adoption are the meaningful ways to help them as a group and as individuals. No matter how silly the slogans, no matter how attention-grabbing the antics, if a group denigrates veganism and denigrates other advocates for promoting veganism, we should start asking: why? If we take what we owe other animals seriously, there is absolutely no reason not to promote veganism in every campaign, poster and press release. If it’s easy to go vegan, surely, it’s even easier to type “everyone should go vegan” and add it to the press release before it goes out. Read full commentary here >>, Get poster here >>

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