Gonna have to face it you’re addicted to cheese

Man munching a block of cheese
Dairy products are saturated with casein. Scientists and health professionals say they are as highly addictive as opiates.

I will be rolling out “Go Vegan with Vivian” on May 1st. In the run up, I will be posting on some issues to think about before we get started.

In transitioning to the Vegan lifestyle, people find it surprisingly easy. Except for one food — cheese.

It is not so much a matter of taste. There are ample products and inventive ways of cooking to satisfy that requirement. The real challenge is that dairy products are addictive, highly addictive. There is a medically proven explanation for this.


HealthDiaries.com explains:

Opiates hide inside casein, the main dairy protein. As casein molecules are digested, they break apart to release tiny opiate molecules, called casomorphins. One of these compounds has about one-tenth the opiate strength of morphine. The especially addicting power of cheese may be due to the fact that the process of cheese-making removes water, lactose and whey proteins so that casein is concentrated.

and how about this:

Many people like me find it incredibly difficult to give up cheese. It has been harder for me to give up dairy than cigarettes. I am not joking about that. Perhaps the more shocking thing is that the Dairy Industry has deliberately fed on cheese’s addictive quality, with all of us being completely duped.

Oh, great. There’s more. Dr. Charles Parker tells us:

The peptides from gluten [gliadorphin] and casein [casomorphin] are important because they react with opiate receptors in the brain, thus mimicking the effects of opiate drugs like heroin and morphine.

Had enough? How about this from the New Zealand Food Safety Authority:

Casein proteins make up about 80 percent of the protein in cow’s milk. A type of casein called beta-casein is one of the major ones, and is itself of different kinds, depending on the genetic make-up of the cow. The most common are beta-casein A1 and beta-casein A2. Milk high in beta-casein A1 is being referred to as ‘A1 milk’ while milk high in beta-casein A2 is being called ‘A2 milk’.

There’s much more of course. Google yourself and be prepared for more shocking reading.


It is important you remember “casein” when adventuring into Veganism, especially when shopping. Most of us are already used to checking product labels. Be alert. Many products are, on the surface, labeled in such a way that you may think you are buying a vegan foodstuff. So when it comes to dairy, be particularly careful and always check the label for casein.

Source: http://danmahony.com/bigfood2.htm


Living vegan does not = living without the taste of dairy. There are many dairy free drinks: rice milk, soy milk, and my personal favorite Almond Breeze. For cheese lovers, you cannot go wrong with Daiya Vegan Cheese. Website: http://www.daiyafoods.com/index.asp – Facebook: http://www.daiyafoods.com/index.asp – Twitter: http://twitter.com/daiyacheese

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