Larry, Katie and Andy

Anderson Cooper

With the slings and arrows being hurled at Larry King that he may be losing his edge on his CNN “Live” show, Katie Couric, anchor of the CBS Evening News, is being suggested by some as King’s replacement.

A little over two years ago I posted “Give King’s Job to Andy Please“. I still think it is a super idea. Anderson Cooper fit beautifully.

But what about the intermittent rumors circulating that CBS want Cooper to replace Couric as anchor of the CBS Evening News? The thought of sitting in the anchor chair once occupied by Dan Rather may have titillated Cooper for a moment or two, but no longer than that. After all, the powers that be at CBS have not been overly fond of the evening news slot for some time and seem to be constantly looking for ways to either water it down to non-relevance or losing it altogether. So that would not be a smart move on Cooper’s part, and Cooper is more than just a pretty face.

What are you thinking?

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