Vegan diets becoming more mainstream

Hey, good news about veganism becoming more mainstream. It has always been the coolest, kindest and indeed tastiest way to live. Now the rest of the world is starting to catch on.

You feel wonderful too for so many reasons. You are harming no one, saving thousands of lives, being kind to the planet and your body, and enjoying a great lifestyle all at the same time. What’s not to like?

I enjoy the sentiments of this article, but being Vegan has always been tremendously easy to do. There is higher demand for alternatives to animal products, and businesses wanting to cash in by supplying them, are developing fun and creative foodstuffs and ways to serve them up.

Here’s the introductory paragraphs of the article written by MICHAEL HILL for the Associated Press, via the Washington Post

Once mocked as a fringe diet for sandal-wearing health food store workers, veganism is moving from marginal to mainstream in the United States.

The vegan “Skinny Bitch” diet books are best-sellers, vegan staples like tempeh and tofu can be purchased at just about any supermarket, and some chain restaurants eagerly promote their plant-only menu items. Today’s vegans are urban hipsters, suburban moms, college students, even professional athletes.

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