Student hand-crafted rocking horses bring joy to young cancer patients

Emilye with her hand-crafted wooden rocking horse.
Students from South Kitsap High School's advanced building and construction class watch as 5-year-old Emilye Flick selects a horse from 12 the class crafted. From the left are J.D. Boehme, David Kruse, Cameron Favors, Aaron Lane, Adam Haugan and Caleb Scott. (LARRY STEAGALL / KITSAP SUN)

Cross-posted from the Kitsap Sun

Written by ALLEN HOYE

TACOMA — Surrounded by wooden rocking horses crafted by South Kitsap High students, 5-year-old Emilye Flick strutted in her pink cowboy boots to select the one she felt was just right for her.

With the high-schoolers, Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and Health Center staff and her mother watching, Emilye quickly became “Dr. Flick” and told those gathered that her new wooden horse — Brandy — needed a bone-marrow transplant. She asked for silence, gathered up some toy surgical tools and went to work.

Emilye (hospital staff call her Emmie-Pie) was one of the recipients of 12 wooden rocking horses crafted by the students in Mike Hulet’s advanced building and construction class. The students packed up the horses from the school’s wood shop on Thursday and delivered them to Mary Bridge. Six of them were donated to children being treated in the hospital’s cancer ward. The others were stationed in various play areas around the hospital.


I love, love, love this story. Sigh.

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