The passing of Oakland Raiders’ icon, Kenny “the Snake” Stabler

Kenny Stabler. Wow, what does that name conjure up? First and foremost, the Oakland Raiders and probably their greatest victories.

But there is no way I can talk about him like Bob Padecky so let’s just cross-post a big snippet here and send you on over for the rest. Or if you like, go there now. Thanks.


July 10, 2015, 4:03PM

Raiders Great Ken Stabler (1945-2015)


Kenny Stabler gets ready to sling one. Google image.
Kenny Stabler gets ready to sling one. Google image.

My friend Pat Gallagher emailed me Thursday with a perspective. “I can’t help it. Every time I think of him, I think of you.”

Myself, I get a little more detailed.

Every time I think of Kenny Stabler, I think of handcuffs, submachine guns, a jail cell that stunk because of that clogged toilet, standing half-naked in front of laughing cops and, of course, about seven-eighths of a gram of cocaine.

I wish my initial memories of Snake were otherwise.

God knows, there were enough of them.

His gifted left arm delivered the most magical, photogenic and improbable touchdown pass in NFL history, that floater which somehow found Clarence Davis in a 1974 AFC divisional playoff game. Watch the replay on YouTube [see 1:20 1st video below]; like a potato chip, I bet you can’t do just one.

Snake made Johnny Manziel look like a Buddhist monk. Snake was more fun to watch than Chinese acrobats. Snake could ride shotgun in any car I was driving because, well, Snake, might be carrying a shotgun. Snake was a thrill ride, a roller coaster all by himself, and those Raiders of the ’70s happily, gratefully, took a seat behind him.

In his last days as colon cancer ravaged him, it made perfect sense Snake was listening to “Sweet Home Alabama.” He was ’Bama right down to his last margarita.

There will never be another Snake in the NFL, if for no other reason than it would be bad for business. The suits would never allow it. His loss is nearly incalculable to anyone who loves the Raiders.

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As of this writing another great football player NOT in the Hall of Fame while plenty of the media huggers got in first try. Sigh.

Kenny Stabler Hi-Lights

‘Ghost to the Post’ 1977 AFC Divisional Round: Colts vs. Raiders highlights

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