Liverpool is England’s third most disliked club

Liverpool celebrates Luis Suarez' first goal during the Barclays Premier League Match between Liverpool and Fulham at Anfield in Liverpool, England.
Liverpool celebrates Luis Suarez’ first goal during the Barclays Premier League Match between Liverpool and Fulham at Anfield in Liverpool, England.

Aaaaaah. What a shame. LMFAO. — PortTownGirl

If other fans disliking your club is a sign of relevance, Liverpool standing third-worst amongst Premier League sides suggests that despite a lack of success on the pitch, a lot of people remain focused on the Reds. In fact, only Chelsea and Manchester United are less popular amongst fans of other clubs in the “League of Love and Hate” compiled by data firm Trinity Mirror.

It perhaps shouldn’t be that surprising. Of the sides expected to end up in the top half of the table this and most years, Arsenal have always managed to sell themselves as the inoffensive options—the side fans of every other top half club bar Tottenham would like to see do well if theirs struggles. Manchester City, meanwhile, have largely failed to use their massive influx of oil money effectively enough to engender true hatred.

Then there’s Tottenham Hotspur, who remain mildly annoying outsiders in the global football consciousness despite their best efforts to achieve relevance, and a string of underdogs hated by few who aren’t direct rivals—the likes of Southampton and Swansea and Everton. Liverpool, then, were always likely to end up disliked, something that speaks to their continuing relevance off the pitch even while they struggle on it.

Chelsea, who have done what City so far have not and used their oil money competently to establish themselves as England’s dominant side in the current footballing landscape, and Manchester United being the two least liked sides in the Premier League is similarly unsurprising. At the other end, too, it perhaps shouldn’t be surprising that Southampton have managed to end up the league’s most liked club.

TEN MOST HATED FOOTBALL PLAYERS (Football as in English football, not Yank stuff).

If you haven’t had enough fun with the above, check out this list. LMFAO x2.

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